Getting the public behind smart grids

Jul 27, 2011 No Comments by

Scotland’s First Minister, Alex Salmond, has said he intends for 100% of the country’s energy to come from renewable sources by 2020. While this target is completely unrealistic (though it would undeniably pave the way to future independence) it has once again brought into focus the public’s attitudes towards wind power. The government clearly loves […]

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Nuclear vs. Wind: A UK Perspective

Jun 28, 2011 1 Comment by

Last month, the UK’s Committee on Climate Change released the Renewable Energy Review. The review focuses on two key areas: firstly, whether or not the Governments renewable targets for 2020 should be raised, and secondly, to provide more detailed advice beyond 2020. The report compares the viability of a whole host of renewable and low […]

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